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All starters are served with fresh seasonal salad and mint sauce.
Dish NamePrice
Mixed Starter
heek Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Onion Bhaji.
King Prawn Butterfly£4.90
Tandoori King Prawns£8.90
Tandoori Chicken£4.90
Chicken Tikka£4.90
Lamb Tikka£4.90
Sheek Kebab£4.90
Shami Kebab£4.90
Reshmi Kebab£4.90
Bhari Kebab£4.90
Chicken Chatt£4.90
Chicken Pakora£4.90
Stuffed Pepper
(Meat or Vegetable)
King Prawn Puri£7.90
Prawn Puri£5.90
Chicken or Meat Puri£4.90
Onion Bhaji£3.10
(Meat or Vegetable)
Mulligatawny Soup£3.10
Dall Soup£3.10
Prawn Cocktail£3.90


All tandoori dishes are dry marinated in freshly ground aromatic herbs and spices, barbecued in a Tandoori clay oven and served with fresh seasonal salad and mint sauce.
Dish NamePrice
Tandoori Chicken
Half of spring chicken on the bone.
Chicken Tikka
Tender pieces of chicken.
Lamb Tikka
Tender pieces of lamb.
Tandoori King Prawn£16.90
Tandoori Mixed Grill
Tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, chicken tikka, sheek kebab, nan.
Special Chicken or Lamb
Tender pieces of chicken or lamb with garlic & mushrooms.
Chicken or Lamb Shashlik
Tender pieces of lamb or chicken barbecued with onions, green peppers and tomatoes.
Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik
Large king prawn barbecued with onions, green peppers and tomatoes.
Jhinga Sizzler
Succulent king size prawns braised in a special yoghurt sauce.


Dish NamePrice
Batak Lajawab
Tender pieces of lean duck cooked with onions, green peppers and tomatoes selected spices extensively treated to provide a delicious Karahi dish.
Chingri Zafrani
An exquisite Madras hot and spicy king prawn prepared with Sylhet Zafrani spices fried in butter ghee.
Chicken or Lamb Darjeeling
A thoroughly garnished dish with selected spices extensively treated to provide a delicious medium strength flavoured dish dressed with onion rings.
Garlic Chilli Chicken
Chicken cooked with fresh garlic, green chillies and various herbs and spices.Madras hot..
Bengal Bemisal
Bengal fish fried in olive oil. Cooked in medium spice and fresh herbs to keep it’s delicacy, served with onion rice.
Bengal Fry
Bengal fish marinated with chef’s special spice and grilled with onions, green peppers and tomatoes. Dry dish.


Dish NamePrice
Jhinga Masala
Cooked with mince lamb, egg and specially spiced king prawns and fresh herbs. Served with pilau rice.
Murghi Masala
Spring chicken cooked with minced lamb and specially prepared mild sauce with fresh herbs. Served with pilau rice.
Bangladesh Chicken or Lamb
Chicken tikka or lamb tikka cooked in butter with specially prepared sauce with fresh garlic. Served with pilau rice.
Humayra Chicken or Lamb
A beautiful combination of spices with pineapple, lentils and lemon juice, producing a sweet, sour and a little hot taste. Served with pilau rice.
Gulabon Chicken or Lamb
Chicken tikka or lamb tikka cooked with sweet and sour spices, saucy curry. Served with pilau rice.
Karahi Mughal Special
Boneless tandoori chicken with king prawn cooked with minced lamb in creamy special spices. Served with pilau rice.
Bombay Kazana
Chicken, lamb & king prawn cooked in Bombay style spices flavoured with garlic and green chillies. Madras hot. Served with pilau rice.
Humayra Jalfrezi
Delicacy of selected king prawns sauteed in a sauce of Madras hot spices with fresh green chilli, onions and peppers.


Dish NamePrice
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masala
Cooked in delicate flavoured, lightly spiced, rich creamy tandoori sauce.
Tandoori King Prawn Masala
Cooked in delicate flavoured, lightly spiced, rich creamy tandoori sauce.
King Prawn Delight
Cooked in a very mild sauce, creamy flavoured with butter to enhance the taste of king prawns.
Chicken or Lamb Pasanda
Tossed with pure butter ghee, cooked in very rich, creamy sauce.
Makhani Chicken
Spring chicken cooked in butter and creamy sauce to produce a delicious mild dish.
Monchorian Chicken
Chicken fillet cooked in a subtle blend of mango and masala spices, then simmered in cream.
Mouchak Chicken
Breast pieces of spring chicken simmered in a satin smooth gravy made from honey and mild spices.
Badami Chicken
Roasted cashew nuts tossed in butter, medium spiced and flavoured with fresh herbs.
Karahi Chicken or Lamb
Cooked with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, fresh herbs and spices.
Chicken Chatt
Cooked with sweet and sour spices and thickened cream.
Reshmi Chicken
Cooked with mincemeat and specially spiced chicken with fresh herbs. Dressed with egg.
Bengal Chicken or Lamb Masala
Cooked with exotic spices and fresh herbs, topped with tomatoes and pineapple.
Achari Chicken or Lamb
Hyderabadi delicacy cooked with homemade pickle to obtain a most succulent outcome of fresh spices.
Chicken or Lamb Peaza
Cooked with medium spices and fresh herbs in a fairly thick sauce. Flavoured with onion.
Tawa Chicken or Lamb
Chicken or lamb cooked in Tawa with onion, green peppers and slightly spiced. Dry dish.
Chicken or Lamb Chilli Masala
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with South Indian spices, fresh green chilli, onion and green peppers. Madras hot.
Naga Chicken or Lamb
Cooked with aromatic herbs and spices, garnished with Naga chillies. Vindaloo hot.
Chicken Sylhet
Chicken and egg cooked in butter, thickened with Madras hot spices and fresh herbs.
Jaipuri Chicken or Lamb
A semi-dry dish prepared with spring onions, green peppers and fresh herbs, which is a special recipe from Jaipur. Madras hot.


Balti’s are exotic dishes cooked with a unique blend of spices, tossed with pure ghee to create it’s own flavour. Slightly hot.
Dish NamePrice
Chicken Balti£7.90
Meat Balti£7.90
Prawn Balti£8.50
King Prawn Balti£13.90
Chicken Tikka Balti£8.90
Lamb Tikka Balti£8.90
Humayra Balti£8.90
Vegetable Balti£6.90


Dish NameChickenMeatPrawnKing PrawnVegetableChicken Tikka
Medium spiced, saucy curry
Madras dishes are blended with fairly hot chilli sauce.
Vindaloo dishes are blended with very hot chilli sauce.
Cooked with fresh green chillies, highly spiced with fresh herbs, fairly dry Madras hot dish.
Dry medium curry to give extra taste to onions.
Prepared with medium hot spices and topped with juicy tomatoes.
Fairly hot curry prepared with coconut & hot sour spices.
Mouthwatering bhuna curry, sauteed with selected oriental spices.
Cooked with exotic herbs and spices garnished with fresh gralic.
Delightful dry medium curry, sauteed with fresh spinach and oriental spices.
This is a South Indian dish with the taste of dry spices, medium hot.
Deliciously mild and sweet dish, cooked very midly in butter with coconut and cream.
A Delightful mild and sweet dish cooked with coconut and mint.
A mildly spiced dish prepared with lychees and fruit juices to create a beautifully balanced flavour.
A mildly spiced dish prepared with pineapple and fruit juices to create a beautifully balanced flavour.
This is a Persian dish with mixed flavour of hot, sweet and sour, fairly dry dish with coconut added. Served with pilau rice.
This is a Persian dish with mixed flavour of hot, sweet and sour, medium to dry dish with lentils added. Served with pilau rice.


All the Biriany dishes are cooked with Basmati rice to add to the aroma of real Saffron. Topped with fresh cucumber, tomato and served with vegetable curry to add to the taste of the dish.
Dish NamePrice
Chicken Biriany£8.90
Meat Biriany£8.90
Prawn Biriany£9.90
King Prawn Biriany£13.90
Chicken Tikka Biriany£9.90
Lamb Tikka Biriany£9.90
Vegetable Biriany£7.90
Mushroom Biriany£7.90
Humayra Biriany£9.90
Chicken & Mushroom Biriany£9.90
Chicken Tikka & Mushroom Biriany£10.90
Malaya Chicken Biriany£10.90
Malaya Lamb Biriany£10.90
Lemon Chingri Biriany£14.90


Dish NamePrice
Vegetable Curry£3.90
Vegetable Bhaji£3.90
Madras Samba£3.90
Bombay Aloo£3.90
Sag Aloo£3.90
Aloo Gobi£3.90
Mushroom Bhaji£3.90
Cauliflower Bhaji£3.90
Brinjal Bhaji£3.90
Bindi Bhaji£3.90
Chana Bhaji£3.90
Sag Bhaji£3.90
Gobi Sag£3.90
Mutter Paneer£3.90
Sag Paneer£3.90
Dall Masala£3.90
Tarka Dall£3.90
Kemma aloo£4.90
Curry Sauce£3.10
Korma Sauce£3.50
Dansak Sauce£3.50
Masala Sauce£3.50


Dish NamePrice
Plain Rice
Pilau Rice
Special Fried Rice£3.10
Mushroom Rice£3.10
Vegetable Rice£3.10
Peas Rice£3.10
Egg Rice£3.10
Onion Rice£3.10
Lemon Rice£3.10
Coconut Rice£3.10
Tikka Rice
Humayra Rice
(Chick Peas)
Keema Rice
(Minced Lamb)
Monchurian Rice
(With mixed fruit)


Dish NamePrice
Keema Nan
(Minced Lamb)
Stuffed Nan
Peshwari Nan
(Nuts & Raisins)
Kabuli Nan
Tikka Nan
Garlic Nan£2.90
Egg Nan£2.90
Cheese Nan£2.90
Stuffed Paratha
Keema Paratha
(Minced Lamb)
(Cooked in Tandoor oven)


Dish NamePrice
Papadom / Spiced Papadom£0.70
Onion Salad£0.70
Mint Sauce£0.70
Lime Pickle£0.70
Mango Chutney£0.70
Humayra Sauce£0.70
(Yoghurt. Plain, Cucumber or Onion)


Dish NamePrice
Steak & Chips£13.90
French Fried Chicken£9.90
Chicken & Chips£9.90
Scampi & Chips£9.90
Plain Omelette£8.90
Chicken Omelette£9.90
Mushroom Omelette£8.90
Chicken & Mushroom Omelette£9.90
Fried Mushroom£2.90
Green Salad£2.90

SET MEAL A £35.90

Dish Name
Bahari Kebab, Chicken Chatt
Karahi Lamb, Humayra Chicken
Mushroom Bhaji, Mutter Paneer
Pilau Rice, Egg Rice, Nan, Fruits

SET MEAL B £29.90

Dish Name
Meat & Vegetable Samosa
Chicken Bhuna, Meat Rogan
Vegetable Curry, Sag Aloo
Pilau Rice, Plain Rice, Nan, Fruits